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Primate Lodge


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Listed Date: July 14, 2014 01:23 AM
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Phone  256 414 267 153, 256 772 426 368 
Fax  256 414 267 153 

Primate Lodge in Kibale is a fashionable Eco-lodge located within Kibale National park. It’s enclosed by a flourishing tropical forest that is a habitat to many different species of primates. The lodge has about 8 lavish safari tents, wooden platform with a thatched roof. . The verandahs on each tent offers a beautiful view of the enclosed forest. The lodge has about 7 friendly cottages are secretly located in the forest.

Address  Primate Lodge Kibale
Susie House
1st Floor, Ggaba Road
P.O. Box 33024
Kampala, Uganda 
Zip/ Postal Code  Kampala, Uganda 

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